Name: Roberta Dornan Club: North Down AC Age group: F35

How and when did you start running:
I started running in 2001 because I fractured my spine in 1996 due to a fall whilst horse riding which unfortunately meant I could no longer pursue a career as a horse riding instructor. Having always been an active person I waited for 5 yrs until my back was strong then took up running and competed in XC and orienteering for the TA. I then joined North Down in 2008 and have never looked back.

Your favourite race:
It has to Albertville 5 miles this year, I know its not the most scenic run but I finally managed to break 30 minutes for 5 miles (29.47) and it felt amazing, I felt like I was gliding down the home straight it’s the first time a race has felt effortless and it happened again at the NI Masters Track Championships in Aug this year when I ran my first 1500m (4.51) and again it was effortless, I wish I had worked harder but as I had never ran 1500m before I took it easy and had loads left at the end, but there is always next year.

Your best times/races:
Albertville 5 miles in 29.47, NI Masters Track Championships 1500m in 4.51, Woodies DIY Track Final of 3000m in 10.22.
Getting an individual silver medal at the British Masters Open XC Championships at Stormont March 2010

Any wins:
2008 – Runher 5k. 2009 – Les Jones 10k, PSC 10K, Runher 5k. 2010 – Jude Gallagher Round the Bridges 10 miles, Les Jones 10k, Race over the Glens, Runher 5k. 2011 – Jude Gallagher Round the Bridges 10 miles, Ards 5 miles, Masters Embankment 5k, NI Masters Championships 1500m.

Do you have a coach: Francis Marsh

How often do you train: 5-6 days a week depending on health and races.

Do you prefer XC, road or track: Road and trail.
Your main aim: To try to stay positive and enthusiastic about running and encourage others to take up the sport.

Any other interesting things about you or your running: I love the Run Her races purely because you run for charity and there is no men allowed. Also this year I had to try the hammer throw at the Woodies DIY league, well I have never laughed so much at my 13m throw which I thought was fantastic until the professionals were throwing 35+m, nothing like being put back in you box.